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Mushroom Hunting in Door County


If you are a newcomer to Door County, you may be surprised to find that Door County is riddled with

various, delicious mushrooms that are perfect for consumption. In fact, mushroom hunting is a local

tradition that brings people far and wide to Door County.

Mushrooms are a staple in restaurants throughout Door County. They are cooked and served in a variety

of ways and dishes. Even those not in the restaurant business like to hunt for and cook up their own

local mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is a fun way to pass the tie in Door County. There are several

different mushroom varieties to be found, over 550 to be precise. These mushrooms include morels, the

local favorite, chanterelles, black trumpets, sulfur shelf, and puffball.

There are a few different things to keep in mind when mushroom hunting. Morels grow in early spring

and grow in clusters. Chanterelles come up in the summer when it gets hot outside but can be found

through the fall. Black trumpets blend in with the forest floor so keep your eyes to the ground. Sulfur

shelf have a vibrant red color that fades to yellow on the edges. Puffballs look like soccer balls but don’t

always have much flavor. As a general rule of thumb, mushrooms are best found a few days after it rains

and near fallen trees or other areas of decomposition.

All of these delicious mushrooms can be cooked up in a variety of ways from soups and salads to stir fry

and pastas. The possibilities are endless with the variety of mushrooms in Door County, so why not try

for yourself? If you decide to go mushroom hunting for yourself one day, there are a few rules you must


First, you cannot collect mushrooms in state natural areas, but you can collect them in all Wisconsin

State Parks. To be safe, check with the lands or reserves before you start. Second, double check with an

expert before you eat your mushrooms to make sure they are safe to eat. If you are safe and smart

about mushroom hunting, your good time is sure to pay off with a delicious meal afterwards. Door

County is full of hidden gems. Why not come find some for yourself?

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