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Cave Point Kayak Tour

See Lake Michigan's Geological Beauty Up Close

Come paddle with us on a guided tour of majestic Cave Point. We'll launch our kayaks just north of Cave Point Park and begin our paddle down the beautiful, rocky shores of Lake Michigan. On the way to the caves, you'll learn about the Niagara Escarpment, a geologic formation that runs hundreds of miles through our state and beyond, forming a great circle all the way to Niagara Falls at the New York-Canada border. Along the escarpment you can explore crevasses, caves, and rockfalls, see beautiful rock formations, or search for fossils, Indian artifacts, rare plants and animals.

This tour is great for all levels of paddlers. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’ll love this world famous geological feature and the memories are sure to last you a lifetime.

If time should permit, our visit to the caves will be followed by a quick stop at the Devil’s Bath Tub for a quick cliff jump.

It would be our pleasure to have you on one of our activities or tours in Door County, WI. We recommend using our online booking system. If you have any problems booking your reservation, please give us a call or text.

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