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Door County Weather

Our interesting reflections from 15 years of guiding in Door County and being outdoor adventure enthusiasts…

Weather in Door County is quite unpredictable. Thanks to our unique peninsula geography and wind, storms quickly fly over us, above us or below us. Don’t heed the weather forecast! Even big angry red radar blobs often travel around us. More often than not, the weather predictions are wrong. Imagine that, if you were wrong 50% of the time at any other job, you would probably be canned.

Water and Air Temp
  • Naturally air-conditioned, not often do we get no wind. It’s great, keeps the bugs away and the air-conditioner off.
  • The bay side is usually warmer than the lake side on land as well as in the water.
  • When the wind and water are blowing off shore, warm water is blown off the surface and cold water is sucked up from the bottom of the lake creating cool swimming.
  • Example… South wind 15knts in door county. Lake side water will be warmer than bay side. Bay side air will be warmer after traveling over the peninsula picking up the warmth of the land.
  • South winds = warm breeze
  • North(west) wind = cold breeze
Weather Pattern
  • South wind before storm for a day or two (good kiting conditions)
  • Storms predominantly from the North(west)
  • Wind swings around from south -> south west -> west ->North (West)
  • 1-2 times a year we get an east wind…We will get northeast and south east winds, but barely ever east winds.
Monthly observations
  • May weather: Wetsuit conditions for the water. During a great May, we get 3-4 weeks of great weather. Rainy may, we get 1 week… Windy.
  • June weather: If May is rainy, June isn’t. One of my favorite months, tourism is still somewhat slow, water is warming up quickly. Wetsuits are coming off or off by the middle of June, end of June at the latest. Windy.
  • July weather: Wind starts dying significantly. Every 6-7 years we get a rainy July.
  • August weather: Hot. One or two days can be really windy, otherwise it is beautiful!
  • September weather: First two-three weeks are gorgeous! Low tourism, warm water, everyone is happy and has a few tips in their pockets, great wind for kitesurfing. My favorite time of year in Door County. Last week of September starts to cool off quickly.
  • October weather: A dry summer will give a faster change of the colors and earlier change.  Warm south breezes, cold northwest winds! Fall colors usually peak first to second week of October.