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Eco-Estuary Tour

Quick Details


Bring your family for an unforgettable paddle through one of Wisconsin’s premier wetlands!

A great tour for beginners or first-time kayakers!

Our tour begins on the incredibly serene Rieboldt’s Creek, where beginner kayakers can hone their skills on the quiet, calm water. Venture through the twists and turns and venture out onto Mud Lake and experience one of Door County’s hidden gems. Our kayaks provide access to these environments that cannot be granted by any other mode of transportation.

Great for beginner kayakers of all ages, this tour offers a unique opportunity to see Door County’s globally significant wetlands. Along with this paddle, guests will be treated to a visual spectacle. The plants, insects, fish, birds and countless other pieces come together to form a spectacular ecological community. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to paddle through our world-class wetlands.

What to Expect

No experience is necessary and Red Cross-trained instruction is provided. After an introductory lesson and a launch from Mud Lake Preserve contains a variety of habitats, including upland hardwood forest, lowland cedar-hemlock forest; Mature Beech, Hemlock, and Sugar Maple trees are found bordering the creek. In the Spring, wildflowers are outstanding at this location, with Hepaticas, Spring Beauties, Trilliums and Trout Lilies putting on a show from mid-April to the end of May.